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“I just feel compelled to write to you and thank you…”

Feedback in:

Mr. Covel,

I am a long-time listener of your podcast and have read two of your books: ‘The Complete Turtle Trader’ and ‘Trend Following Mindset’. Both are 5-star, terrific books. ‘The Complete Turtle Trader’ being one of those books that I can look back on in my life and remember exactly what I was doing and what was going on in my life as I read it. And, more importantly can tell the difference in my life since reading it. A few minutes ago I finished your latest podcast ‘Amplify the fiction. Hide the truth.’ And I just feel compelled to write to you and thank you. To thank you for always amplifying the truth. Or for just amplifying how you truly think and feel. Maybe it’s not the “truth”? I think that it is because I think and feel mostly the same way. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we’re not. But where we are more right than wrong is in the how when we are proven wrong we are able to admit it and move on to what is right without much resistance. Anyway, in a world where there aren’t many of us left. At least many of us with an audience, I want to say again THANK YOU! And, if there is anyway I could be of assistance with any of your work I would love to work with/for you. As an unpaid intern or whatever. Just collecting data or doing any of the tedious, remedial crap you don’t enjoy doing but have to do. I know you probably don’t need any help with any of that but just offering if you ever do. I’m a trader. Have been trading for a little over four years now. I am from a small town in Kentucky so I don’t have a chance of finding anyone around here with any knowledge of the markets or this world at all. Anyway, thanks again for everything you do Mr. Covel!


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