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“I have been listening to your podcast for about three years now. I have to say your way of thinking…”

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Hi Michael, I have been listening to your podcast for about three years now. I have to say your way of thinking and framing the world has changed my life from investing to even how I run my business. I have read one of your books, Trend following the latest edition. And recently started the new one with Tom Basso. I’m not trying to kiss your ass or anything, but I appreciate your insight, no f******* bullshit approach to business and investing. I tend to drop a lot of F bombs, my wife always gives me shit about it, I have to be careful i have two young boys running around. To get the fucking point, I love trading, and I am very interested in trend folowing. I have been trading for about 5 years now and I try to do it on the side since my business and family keep me very busy. How do I adopt a very focused, consistent trend following approach to the markets? How do I develop a system that I can follow on a regular basis and not get bogged down by the random noise of the market? [read] I’m interested in your education and products. How does it work, how much does it cost, what can I expect to learn and get from it. Keep up the good work, I recently sent your video to one of my old profs at the university of Guelph, someone who has great insight and influence in my line of business. A very acclaimed and successful professor. He does very interesting research in my industry, hospitality. An industry somewhat neglected and heavily affected by the pandemic recently. We both really enjoyed your interview with Hubert Joly, a very refreshing approach to leadership and business. If one day you’re looking for a very interesting guest, look no further, I can give you his credentials. Anyways I wish you well, and long live the trend


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