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“My struggles are similar to that of a baby trying to walk. Still getting my head around a lot of the jargon…”

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Hi Michael,

I have been “investing” in stock markets for about two years now. Looking back, every cent of profit has been due to dumb luck. If you read the mainstream media, you get told that no one beats the markets. Having gone through a phd program at a reputed university, this programming is even deeper. All the narratives which you dispel every week are paraded as a gospel truth among my colleagues/ and friends.

Not a single one is even willing to argue about the possibility of a simple yet elegant solution, other than ETFs and buy and hold, yielding results outside of the confines of the hedge funds and wall street. Every one prays at the temple of efficient market theory and the psalms of the random walks. No point arguing.

So while searching, i stumbled upon your work. Currently reading the trend following book. I am still here, because the basics of this system are promised on the back of an envelope. process>outcome. Perfect for a guy with average intelligence.

As you can see, I am an absolute beginner, so my struggles are similar to that of a baby trying to walk. Still getting my head around a lot of the jargon. I still don’t know how to go short or how to read an options chain on my brokers website, thanks buy and hold. Zero background in financial markets (went to engg. school). I am here to learn the process and master this process. I want to forget about the outcome as I begin with this new business and build on the trend following system and polish it, for me personally, with time.


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