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“I have previously successfully predicted a few massive increases…”

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Hi Michael,

Difficult question. My biggest challenge has been getting in at all. I’ve always been good at maths (I teach it to high school kids) and I have previously successfully predicted a few massive increases in particular investments (bitcoin, crude rise following the pandemic) and these appeared pretty obvious to me, but I always shy away from actually “putting my money where my mouth is”. It just feels too easy for me. I have some modest investments in managed funds (some of which are profiled to be fairly high risk). I don’t fear market crashes, I just always felt like I didn’t know enough to do it in spite of being right several times previously. I’ve also never really been much of a money seeking person, but the idea of the mental challenge I find intriguing. I am about halfway through your book on Richard Dennis, which I have found very thought provoking.

Tony B

Appeared pretty obvious? In hindsight, yes. Trend following doesn’t work that way. Get started.

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