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“My biggest challenge when it comes to trading would be staying profitable…”

Feedback in:

My biggest challenge when it comes to trading would be staying profitable. I have been trading options and stocks for a little over a year now, and my PnL has stayed pretty much flat. I am not losing much, which is good, but I do not let my winning positions run. I would like to work on this and improve my trading skills.

What is your strategy?

I am listening to your audiobook (The Complete TurtleTrader) currently as I write this message. I enjoyed the format of the audiobook! I am a huge fan, and excited to listen to your other books! Keep up the great work! Lastly, what was your biggest challenge when learning how to trade and how did you overcome it?

How to learn from the great ones? My challenge. I knocked on their doors.

Good morning Mike,

My strategy is trading intra-day breaks and other areas of support and resistance that I have identified on larger time frames. Additionally, I want the market to be trending in the same direction as my trading plan, and I want to see either aggressive buying or selling on the tape for confirmation to enter a trade. Your story is very encouraging! I think you are correct, finding someone who has already accomplished something you want to achieve and then learning from that person is the most efficient way to achieving a desirable outcome.

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“…intra-day breaks and other areas of support and resistance…” is a dead end.

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