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“As a portfolio manager for a small start up hedge fund who follows a classical trend trading strategy…”

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for personally taking the time to respond to questions people send you!

As a portfolio manager for a small start up hedge fund who follows a classical trend trading strategy, one thing I am constantly at odds with is matching the trend followers approach to meet investor expectations.

Our business model requires us to crystallize p&l on a monthly basis, the better returns we have the more investment capital we are able to onboard as a generally rule of thumb. Investors like to see consistent returns.

Thus closing out positions in effort to post positive results and adding to them again in effect adds to risk, I am sometimes at odds with myself in deciding when to open and close positions because of this as I would prefer keeping the advantage of having a trade in profit following the rules of classical trend following. Any suggestions as we know it makes sense to hold longer?

Also, brokerage suggestions would be fantastic that are better for trend following, current broker swap fees really add up on the 3-4 month holds.


You need to arbitrarily close positions at the end of the month?

That’s not trend following.

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