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“With reading your book, I am now selling 4 stocks that are not in an upward trend of 38. I also have six investments in SPACs which are awaiting deals…”

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I was educated in engineering which suited my analytical bent; for example I can scan a spreadsheet of numbers and the anomalies jump off the page.

When I finally realized enough capital for investing, I was busy with my engineering/finance career (MBA) and owning a successful business (Private college) and had others manage my money.

The first manager brought Northern telecom when it had fallen to 60% of its high holding into bankruptcy I learn from that experience not to catch a falling Knife. The next two tended to be buy and hold with mediocre results with high fees.

When I have had periods of being responsible for my own investments, I have purchased some investment advice services which focused on earning growth and upside potential. I finally realized that I was a self described momentum trader. I held Apple for some years until it broke down in February (195% gain), Microsoft (182% gain) and Amazon (63% gain). I am also still in trades for DE, Copper Stocks at 45% gain; TSM at 100%.

One service that I recently purchase that has helped me is Chaikin Analytics. I am learning the capabilities of this service in allowing me to see trends and use stops based on Average True Range. It was this service that recommended that I buy your book on Trend Following (I am 100 pages in).

I have having trouble with the discipline with stops. Both TSM and PYPL had significant runs above trend pulling my stops up significantly and when the recent shift from growth stocks, both stocks dropped below stops but within the original trend. Believing that the reason to own had not changed, I allowed them to go and both are now below the original trend.

With reading your book, I am now selling 4 stocks that are not in an upward trend of 38. I also have six investments in SPACs which are awaiting deals. This account is over 5 million with 90 % invested. The other 7 accounts Total another 5 million.

As I have only reengage in actively managing my accounts, the majority of the accounts have not returned significant returns yet but I fell that I am not able to recoginze early the trend but get in after several to six months into the trend.

Thus to summarize I need to fell comfortable in applying my stops, identifying investment size and to identify trends earlier.

Allan D.

You need:

• Exact rules for selecting your tracking portfolio.
• Exact rules for entering your trades at the right time.
• Exact rules for exiting your trades with a loss.
• Exact rules for exiting your trades with a profit.
• Exact rules for how much money to bet on each trade.


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