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On the Nature and Origins of Trend Following by Stig Ostgaard

On the Nature and Origins of Trend Following by Stig Ostgaard:


Stig was an original Turtle.

Note: I thought to repost this after seeing this email: “Where, when & from who did Rich learn trend following? Where, when & from who did Bill Dunn learn trend following? Where was Trend Following before today’s oldest Trend Following CTAs? I’m not interested in the David Ricardo quote or Japanese rice farmers. More interested in Trend Following history between 1935 and 1975. Trying to understand the origins of inverse vol weighting and overall conviction in following price trends irrespective of any other input/logic of that era. It’s fascinating that a 16 year old kid goes to the Chicago pits, places trades through his father and essentially pick pockets guys who conceivably had been down there their entire careers. I don’t understand how that 16 year old kid has that start! No mentor, guidance? Who did he learn from?”

My fifth edition of Trend Following also has answers. The short answer is Richard Donchian.

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