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“I have been thinking a lot about your podcast about Purpose, Audacity and Sleep…”

Feedback in:

I have been thinking a lot about your podcast about Purpose, Audacity and Sleep. It led me to say why not write Michael and share how much his podcast means to me. Here is the Audacity of my reaching out. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2019 and for some reason I thought it would be good to learn to trade then. Lets says its didn’t go great but wasn’t as bad as watching your parent die. I found trading to help me stay alive mentally. I came across your books, read them and continue to use that knowledge everyday. My wife and I found out we we were to have out 1st daughter the day after my fathers funeral. April 2020 rolls around we have a baby in a pandemic. Then My wife is diagnosed with the same lung cancer as my dad and my mom (who we got married in hospice for. My wife is 35 and has a terminal illness and is just the kindest person on the planet. Needless to say life has been relentless.Thank you for the effort you put in and I hope you know it doesn’t go unnoticed. The Best Alec

Thanks. Best of luck. Hang in there.

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