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“The first thing I want to say is thank you. If you take any pride in changing people’s lives, you will be happy to know you have greatly changed mine…”

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Hello Michael,

The first thing I want to say is thank you. If you take any pride in changing people’s lives, you will be happy to know you have greatly changed mine. I am a Software Engineer from Brazil, I came across your work about 4 years ago. The concept of Trend Following immediately hooked me and I devoured your book. I am also a client having bought your Trend Following system. I have been listening to your podcasts ever since at the beginning something you said struck me as quite interesting, that Trend Following was more of a style of life, of a mindset. It took me sometime but I have finally understood what you meant and I can say that I have managed to shift into that type of mindset. As a result I have become happier and have been able to navigate uncertainty unscathed. With this Trend Following mindset I was presented an opportunity to come live in Australia to work for a company, being here for about 2 years now. This experience has taught me so much that I am a completely different profession compared to when I landed. Anyway, as a thank you I’d like to refer you to two authors. In particular because I have listened to some episodes of your podcasts recently and I have seen how interested you are in matters of health. So am I, health has been a priority for me since my 20s (I am not in my late 30s). First one is Pavel Tsatsouline a physical instructor. He brought the Kettlebell to the United States in the late 90s. I think you will find his style to be very in line with Trend Following principles: simple, no fuss, work on what generates most gains and train hard enough to generate results but don’t overdo it enough so that you can keep training forever. For me this is risk management 101. Resources where you can find more information: Kettlebell Simple and Sinister – his latest book on Kettlebells, this is what I am training at the moment Interview with Tim Ferris – this will give you a better understanding of how he thinks. Enter the Kettlebell – instruction video made back in the days, this is for entertaining as his technique has greatly improved since then. I just can’t help but watch with a smile on my face. Second author is Dr T. Colin Campbell he is a nutrition scientist. I listened to your episode the other day about intermittent fasting and I was a little bit surprised that the author said there was no one disagreeing with him. I haven’t seen anyone trying to disprove intermittent fasting but there is a whole plethora of doctors and scientists telling us different things about what we should eat in that window of time. Dr. Campbell is one of them, and I thought you’d appreciate the contrast. I have recently finished reading his book, The China Study, and it’s a great read. I don’t think I have ever read another book with so many scientific references.

Hope you enjoy!



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