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“The biggest challenge that I have found is just trying to sort through the flood of information out there…”

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The biggest challenge that I have found is just trying to sort through the flood of information out there on how to trade and closely following that is trying to determine how to find stocks to purchase. I got your book back in 2006 when I was in the Navy. We pulled into Guam and I picked it up in a bookstore there, along with some other investing books. I did not have much to invest at the time so I never really did much with putting anything into practice. The premises of Trend Following has stuck with me and over the years I found myself trying to use different things from all the different books I read on that deployment. Over the years i have also put aside some money into a trading account to see how I could do. Over the years I have had some successes but mostly failures. Recently i have managed to make a small profit by selling puts while still dabbing in buying some actual stock as well. However I found that my purchases are all over the place with very little reasoning behind them. My wife liked the color of Trend Following without the dust cover and decided as she was decorating our living room to use it as an accent piece. Due to us having a very young child the room had been blocked off with a gate and I hardly went in there. Recently I have been spending time in there with my three year old, she loves puzzles and I told her that she could help with a grown up puzzle. The living room was the one place we could put the puzzle where my soon to be one year old could not get to it. I saw the book and have slowly been rereading it as well as researching trend trading online. My path to this point has been long with much more than just is in this email and I know there is much further to go but I do think I have been trending towards being a trend trader.

Andrew H.

That’s a cool story. Thanks for sharing.

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