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“My biggest challenge in the markets is dealing with the emotions and disconnecting from the macro logic…”

Feedback in:

Dear Mr. Covel,

First of all, hope you and your beloved ones are all safe and sound. My name is [Name] and I am writing to you from Portugal, as you may know, one of the most beautiful yet poorest countries in EU. I am an average Joe, definitely. I’m 42, married, 2 young kids and an ordinary life, with a 09h to 18h job. I am family very happy but wealthy and professional sad, feeling in a cage. I am coming from a Bsc in Management, a post-grad in financial markets and a master in finance and business control. Since 2020 I became, again, a university student in law – after work study. Fact is, with all this diplomas and knowledge (I guess), I just went few times in the markets, mostly funds & equities in a buy and hold strategy, and didn’t conquer my freedom targets – not even close to it. I ran into Trend Following book and your site and I must say, I was speechless. All the things taught in the university are bull… and yes, there is a system created to screw the average Joe and live through the public and private pension funds – wall street. I deeply thank you the eyes opening. Furthermore, I am myself a “sceptic not going with the hurdle” person. And I love freedom and it seems it is being taken from us every day it passes. In a nutshell, I want to change, I want to earn money for my family and for our freedom – Kevin Bruce made the point there! Answering your question, my biggest challenge in the markets is dealing with the emotions and disconnecting from the macro logic i.e. does this makes sense, is it right? I used to watch first thing in the morning CNBC and Bloomberg to look for insights. Now, I just ear it but it counts nothing in my investment decisions. If it is in the news, it has happened. Question mark from me if I may; will I be prepared to go into the markets, with systems, money management and psychology preparation if I am to enroll in the Flagship? Thank you so much in advance for your time and availability to read this long text.

Very best regards from Portugal.


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