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“I won’t ramble on but just say that I enjoy the podcasts and the book mentions…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I thought I should write to thank you for all the times you have mentioned The Fountainhead… I have just read it and it was excellent, one of the best books I have read. It took me a while as it is a book of many words.

When I set out to read the two books (there may be more) of Ayn Rand, I didn’t think they would be my thing as they seem to be linked to the far right, unfairly, in my opinion now. I find myself in agreement with her logic, although it is a little to utopian in Altas Shrugged but I still understand the point she is driving home.

I won’t ramble on but just say that I enjoy the podcasts and the book mentions. Next on my list is the Chris Voss book “Negotiate Like Your Life Depends on it”, it’s on my desk and I will make a start tonight. I also have the book “When Violence is the Answer” winging it’s way to me as well.



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