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“My biggest challenge is finding someone that would teach me how to trade effectively…”

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Let me start with a short story. 2 years ago, I decided that I was going to be a doctor. At that time my parents who are my biggest supporter told me that they will support me through my studies. At that time I just finished reading the book: “Rich dad poor dad”, which made me realize 2 things: my parents won’t be able to support me and my 4 brothers and I won’t be able to lead the life I want to; by just relying on my parents for that I need to find a way of making money, more money. This then leads me to google ways of making money. I found: real estate, investing, Amazon Fba and Online trading. I decided to go with Online trading, mostly because I am sort of an introvert and also it is something that depended mostly on me, at least I thought. Fast forward 2 years after I am still at the same level, except maybe for the fact that I now know that trading is actually not that easy. Mostly because so far I haven’t found a course or a youtube video that explains how it works, in real life. Right now, I am still an undergrad student in Peterborough, Canada, and I decided that it is time to start trading. To answer your question, my biggest challenge is finding someone or a website that would teach me how to trade effectively.

I hope it’s not too much.


Try here.

Try Schwager, Elder and Minervini books too.

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