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Michael Covel’s Entrepreneur Checklist

Michael Covel Entrepreneur Resources
Michael Covel Entrepreneur Resources

Nancy Upton and Don Sexton pinpointed the traits possessed by entrepreneurs:

1. Nonconformists: lower need to conform indicating self-reliance.
2. Emotionally aloof: not necessarily cold to others, but can be oblivious.
3. Sky divers: lower concern for physical harm, but does change with age.
4. Risk takers: more comfortable taking it.
5. Socially adroit: more persuasive.
6. Autonomous: higher need for independence.
7. Change seekers: like novel approaches. This is different than 99% of all other people.
8. Energetic: higher need and / or ability to work longer.
9. Self-sufficient: don’t need as much sympathy or reassurance, but they still need to form networks so self-sufficiency need not be taken to extremes.

Let’s get concrete. Some favorite entrepreneurial resources:

1. Kick ass or die.
2. Seth’s blog.
3. Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead. Plus my 65 favorites.
4. @naval.
5. Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins.
6. Life Values and the Paradoxes of Risk.
7. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams.
8. Gitomer and Canfield.
9. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
10. Zero to One by Peter Thiel.
11. Signal v. Noise.
12. The Pmarca Blog Archive
13. Chris Dixon.
14. Big Think.

Boom. That’s a start. For would be traders or any business idea.

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