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“My experience has been with stocks, mostly long, but I would like to learn to short as well as diversify into other markets…”

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I retired first of this year, so living the essay life right now. I’d like to be involved with the Markets, but more or less as a hobby (and more profitable than my Beekeeping hobby). I don’t want to be tied to my computer everyday, hopping in and out of trades. I’ve looked at Nick Radge’s weekend trend trade strategy and I do like the approach. My experience has been with Stocks, mostly long, but I would like to learn to short as well as diversify into other markets. Also want to learn how to backtest. I did a good bit of programming in the past, so I think I can pick it up without too much of a struggle. Once this Virus has passed, my wife and I would like to do some traveling and maybe spend part of the winters in friendlier climates. My interest in trading isn’t about getting rich, however, my intention is to be successful and make some money. We are debt-free and have a fair-sized nest egg, and we are currently living off of my pension and social security without having to draw down my IRA’s. I want to do it because I enjoy it; I have always enjoyed dabbling in the market. I’ve been trading, off and on, for probably 20 years, and I’ve finally realized that I need some type of “systematic” approach.

Sorry to be so long winded.


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