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“Thank you so much for your work bringing these winning strategies to life for a broader audience…”

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First, thank you so much for your work bringing these winning strategies to life for a broader audience. I really enjoyed your Trend Following (audio) book. This year I just bailed from my buy/hold/rebalance plan during the crash, and painfully realized that I can’t predict the future as I waited for the bear market to resume. A big believer in Kahneman and market behavior and Mandelbrot/Taleb, I realize I need to just trust numbers and get my emotions out of it. 2 questions: Could you share the video you mention on your site? For those of us not ready to pull the trigger on a $3k course, are there other books/sites/resources you recommend for getting into the down-and-dirty details of entry/exit, portfolio/risk management, etc.? Thank you for educating us. I want to break free from the passive investing buy/hold/rebalance dogma that seems at risk of underperforming in the upcoming decades. Thanks much!

Video sent. I recommend my world. There’s enough there

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