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“I have been trading regularly in Istanbul Stock Market for about 1 year…”

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Hello Michael,

I hope this email finds you well. Thank you very much for your posts. I am writing from Turkey. I am a doctor who is an anesthesiologist. I sent my son to a school in North Carolina far away from us for his high school education in August this year. Naturally a private school. Due to the exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and the US Dollar, I need extra earnings other than being a doctor. I have been trading regularly in Istanbul Stock Market for about 1 year. I constantly research and read for self-improvement and sustainable profitability. At this stage, I want to ask very frankly. I have $40000 allocated for this job and from here I have to earn $4250, which is my son’s monthly school installment. Could this be the right target for me? Can I achieve this gain and more by sticking to the system? I am in the operating room during the day and I can go to the screen whenever possible. I want your help with the system that I can implement according to my terms and which can be profitable. Thank you so much.
All the best,

Learning takes time.

No one can guarantee profits.

Does trend following give you a chance?

You bet.

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