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“I would classify myself as a growth investor that focuses on fundamentals…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I am reading your trend following book right now and I read the Turtle Traders a few years ago (and loved the story). I am a money manager that manages my own money. I love learning about all different types of styles and of course I find trend following very interesting and want to learn more. I would classify myself as a growth investor that focuses on fundamentals but as I invest more and more I have been beginning to use more and more technical analysis to confirm my opinions, and generally won’t purchase a stock unless the technicals support it. Wanted to shoot you a note to say hello, because it mentions you read all the emails – and in case we ever cross paths. I look forward to finishing Trend Following over the next couple of weeks and imagine I will enjoy it as much as the Turtle Traders.


Be careful with the term “technicals.”

It can mean anything and usually carries the same weight as nothing.

How can you move forward immediately to Trend Following profits? My books and my Flagship Course and Systems are trusted options by clients in 70+ countries.

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