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“Didn’t try to figure it out too much. Not trying to figure out tomorrow either…”

Feedback in:

I heard you on a great podcast… Systematic trading I think.

Anyway, I’ve listened to many of your podcasts. I think you and Larry Hite have the right idea and others. It’s taking me a while but I finally think I’ve let go of the idea that I know where something’s going to go…

For example today it was a good day for me. Market down a lot of shorts sweet. Didn’t try to figure it out too much. Not trying to figure out tomorrow either. Hope you keep up the good shows. Would like to hear Larry Hite again. I’ve never had a chance to talk to Larry but hearing the interview was about as close as I’ll probably get. I never understood really the importance of stops… And a system.


Yes. He is great. Heard my other trend following interviews with the old pros?


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