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“It’s allowed me to think clearly and achieve peace of mind during these wild times…”

Feedback in:

Boy, the world is just nuts, isn’t it? My goodness.

I’m so thankful for your book which I read in [date] at 23 yrs old. It set the foundation on how to think and poke holes in things. Your book was the spark that led me to the Trading Tribe, working on myself and improving my game. I’ve made great friends and have broken through my own personal barriers.

It led me to Jerry Parker, who has become a great friend… We collaborate, debate and argue over a wide variety of things — most recently, the decision to pull Snell in Game 6.

I’m thankful for this foundation. It’s allowed me to think clearly and achieve peace of mind during these wild times. It’s allowed me to share how I arrived at my view(s) (explaining the process) with my friends. It’s allowed me to not contribute to the noise, but to tune in to a signal then dissect it and move to the next one.

My friends and family say I’m exhausting because I just don’t let them slip out of their opinions and rationale without explaining it. “How do you know what you know” is a question I often ask. “Don’t blame me for being this way. It’s all Covel’s, Seykota’s and Parker’s fault!”

Thanks Mike.

FYI, I’m not sure why we weren’t connected on FB. We were for a long time, but I don’t know…something happened. Anyways…

Talk soon.

Great story! Awesome!

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