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“Thanks for your efforts to make the public aware of this technique…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the message, I did try to view the video but I have very poor internet comms where I am so it is not really possible (I’m offshore so it’s a shared satellite data link – not the best for streaming). But I am a fan. I have already read your Turtle Traders book and I have just ordered your most recent edition of the Trend Following: How to…. Which will be ready for me to read when I get home again. Thanks for your efforts to make the public aware of this technique, I am looking forward to making some money and maybe getting out of the offshore industry at last!

Cheers, [name]

Where are you with such a bad connection?

It’s offshore Azerbaijan, I’m on a boat in the Caspian. It’s oil and gas industry so I need to prepare myself for an alternative source of income – sooner rather than later.

Cheers, [name]

Life is a wild journey. You are living it!

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