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“My biggest challenge in trading has been precisely to stay in trends…”

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Hi Michael,

My biggest challenge in trading has been precisely to stay in trends. I have been trading for some years now but I have mostly traded at discretion, which sometimes means that there are no clear rules, and emotions have a cost in my trading. I have experienced everything in the market over the years… big losses; account wipe outs; I wait on a trade and price reverses; I decide to cash in a trade so the price doesn’t reverse on me like the last time, only to see the trend continuing and realizing I cashed in very early in the trend. I tried trend following for some trades but I didn’t stick to it as my one trading system, as I sometimes needed to cash in to cover up for previous losses and again I was trading at discretion. I got your book so in a few days I’ll be reading all about it. I hope we can stay in touch.


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