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“The biggest problem I’m facing right now is to decide on my type of investment style…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the ecourse. I have been trading in an Indian stock market for more than 3 years now. I’m not a full-time trader though. I have studied value investing in my initial stage of investing. But then I realized that it is not quite a logical idea to do value investing without actually going to the field to understand the company. I have to do primary market research, do talk with top management of companies to understand their vision for the company, do competitive analysis, basically do understand the moat and float of the business. I have to do it continuously because fundamentals can change any point in time. It was not possible for me to be a part time trader and having a full-time job. So I started reading about technical analysis and other technical tools like Gann theory etc. But I actually couldn’t find all these things much interesting and couldn’t trust these tools. During this time I found that ultimately it is data on which we should rely upon. I also studied and tried and backtested many strategies like buy the dogs, alpha trading etc. I found those things really interesting and am actually working on it right now. I am also learning option trading as I think it is the best tool to hedge the portfolio and limit the drawdown. The biggest problem I’m facing right now is to decide on my type of investment style. I want to talk to someone who can give me a direction through which I can figure out my investment style based on my mentality, goals, future planning and maybe some other parameters.

Thanks and regards,
Jay B.

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