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“So my biggest challenge? Learning how to do trading outside what the experts have trained all Americans to do…”

Feedback in:

Michael, I have done ok with individual stock selection and buy/hold strategies as I avoid mutual funds the best I can (my company only provides mutual funds in 401k). I have put 50% of my wealth in real estate from 2009-2016 and the results are great. I lost 45% of my wealth in the 2008 draw down of my retirement investments and that is what triggered me to real estate. Now I want to learn how to work both the up and down market to avoid getting crushed in those equity drops. I have never invested market money in anything other than stocks and bonds ( and losing my ass on bitcoin), so I read your Turtle Trader book and I am trying to take time to study and learn more trading skills but I do have a full time job right now until my real estate investments (15 single-family homes) can sustain me for income. I am 50 years old. I am going to learn this trend trading area just like I took the time to learn real estate in 2009, then took action. I am close to retiring corporate america and working remotely on my own projects to sustain my earnings. I don’t want to be a billionaire, just go from $2.7M net income to $6M and then chill. My kids will be fine without me making more than that. I actively trade about $700k but $250k stuck in 401k/403b mutual funds with employers. So my biggest challenge? Learning how to do trading outside what the “experts” have trained all Americans to do.

Scott S.

I can help. A good start.

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