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“I am desperate to trade a successful trading strategy on my own…”

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Hi Mr. Covel,

Thanks for reaching out! And I truly hope you do read this message!

I am desperate to trade a successful trading strategy on my own. I traded with a Wall Street trader and ended up losing everything. It wasn’t his fault. He made millions. It was my own psychology. He was trading weekly options. I tried the weekly and couldn’t stomach the swings. In hindsight, had I have done monthlies, I would probably be a multi-millionaire. I am seeking revenge. I want to murder the market and not only, as we used to say, “peckerslap” the market, but also make it a profession and become an expert trader. I just purchased two of your books. I will read them. I will eventually purchase your program. I just need to know one thing: if I put my blood, sweat, tears, and heart into this, will it compensate me with my goal of being a self-sufficient successful trader? I look forward to hearing back! Thanks.



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