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Michael. Your interviewing Ed Seykota in your book, on-page, to be able to sit in a room and not have this anxiety, worrying constantly, and if no one has that, to work on that. I have. Tried. For a long time to take my self, a poor govt seeking n handout baby who never worked a hard job. And quit Wendy’s when they said I have to work Halloween. I quit that. And the ball team when we had a late practice.

I found Alan watts through your consistent and true statements of him. And he has helped me slow the fuck Down and realize take account and make my move. Not just move at once and with ALL MY gusto, mind you, wasn’t much movement happening!

Look I’ve failed a lot. I’m brave. And strong and worth it. So I keep hauling the mail as they say in Kentucky. And it works. I’ve said it to others and always return to the other comment about self extension and once you figure out the right ways it works. Entirely better. It’s changed my entire perspective on trading. And once again. More Covel wisdom lets me use this in my everyday life. So thank you. This by far the biggest gift.

I shall never surrender my entrepreneur.

Keep going!

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