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“Been investigating trading for the last couple of years because I think it may be a way to keep me learning, keep me sharp…”

Feedback in:


I’m new to trading. Actually, I have never executed a trade, so my first sentence is an understatement.

I’ve read your books and enjoyed them. I’ve been listening to your podcast for ~18 months (including all of your podcasts on Trend Following Pros portion of your website). I’ve read 5-10 other books on trading recommended to me by smart friends of mine.

Here is a little bit of context/info for me. I’m a corporate and securities lawyer for tech startups (e.g., venture capital financings, M&A, contracts, general advice to founders/CEOs). I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years – with big huge Silicon Valley-based firms and for my own firm in Seattle for the last 14 years. I’m 53 and will retire in ~7 years from now. I work very hard and I don’t mind that – in fact, I (mostly) like it. I like being good at what I do and I have no problem putting in the work to get good at whatever I put my mind to. I read a lot. I consume a lot of podcasts. I crave learning and am very task-oriented. When I retire, it will be because I want to do something else but I need mental stimulation. I’ve been “investigating” trading for the last couple of years because I think it may be a way to keep me learning, keep me sharp, and maybe give me a chance to make some money in retirement. I am generally very disciplined but I do have the ability/capacity to make snap/rash decisions (I’m working on that).

I know that fundamental analysis is not for me. I’ve been looking into Japanese candlestick patterns to identify trend states and predict price movement (a friend of mine is a day-trader (FX)) and I’m pretty sure that is not for me. I want to learn more about trend following and am interested in purchasing your flagship product but thought I should try this free-bee first.

Sorry for the lengthy email above – I know you are a busy guy.



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