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“My biggest challenge is pretty much exactly what you have laid out in your books…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike,

My biggest challenge is pretty much exactly what you have laid out in your books; lack of a system built on concrete rules for entering, and more importantly, exiting both winning and losing trades. I have taken profits on winning trades that I should have let run and I have ridden bad trades all the way down to zero which I never should have made based solely on the trend for that particular market. I still can’t believe I lost money shorting Tesla on more than 1 occasion! Lack of that same system causes me take much more time than I have on a daily basis to manage my portfolio. After reading your books, I can see now that I was already trend following after a fashion. When everything fell apart in March I knew that Washington and the Fed would do what they did during the Housing Crisis; debase our currency by printing fiat dollars like the world was ending which would cause precious metals to trend higher. I made the first round of out of the money long call trades in April (late to the party due to no rules) and cashed out with gains similar to the ones below in May when I opened these same positions again out of the money to try to maintain leverage. The only reason I haven’t cashed out of some of these already is thanks to you and your books. Looking back with your system, I believe I would have never closed the original trades and I would have actually been shorting several markets on the way down in Feb and March before the trend turned higher.

You need a system. Objective. Read up here.

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