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“The biggest challenge I have faced is completing a strategy that I can have the confidence to trade…”

Feedback in:

Hello Mr. Covel,

My name is Kohl, I’m writing to you from Minnesota this morning. I started trading about 3 years ago when bitcoin went on its massive bull run up to 20k. During this time I placed one of my very first trades and saw unrealized profits of over $8,000 in only 2 days! I was instantly hooked. Also, I was a genius and on my way to a million bucks (or so I thought haha). I couldn’t wait to get up every day and read the latest news, see what people were saying in the chat rooms, and make some emotional trading decisions. It was so exciting. After blowing out a couple of accounts I found myself saying “ I just want to follow the damn trend, how do I do that?” That’s when I stumbled across your book Trend Following. After reading your book a couple of times I realized basically everything I was doing was bullshit. So, instead of rioting and freaking out about corona, I have spent 2020 learning how to code systems on TradeStation. The biggest challenge I have faced is completing a strategy that I can have the confidence to trade. I love the phrase from your book that a strategy should be a “loose-fitting suit”. My first strategy was too tight. So I loosened it up. I have built what I THINK is a good skeleton of a strategy, but it could use some meat on the bones (or there’s the chance it’s dog shit). BTW I would like to thank you. Because although I am yet to make a dime from trend following, I have no doubt it has saved me thousands.

Kohl N.

You’re welcome.

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