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“My biggest challenge in trading is I need a system in which to operate…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Biggest challenge?

Short answer: Phil Jackson.

Long Answer: Something that former NBA coach Phil Jackson mentioned in one of his books that has always suck with me, is that you have to have a system. For him it was the triangle offense, for me at work its my quality management system- A series of steps and procedures that anyone can follow so that our outputs can be consistent and duplicatable.

My biggest challenge in trading is I need a system in which to operate. It makes no sense to me to make big wins if I don’t know how or why it worked. I want to be able to consistently duplicate success.

So far this system appeals to my core. I view creating money as a game. The money isn’t really money in so much as it is a scorecard, and I like to win. I don’t like complicated. People complicate things needlessly to feed their ego.

Anyway, I am in chapter five of your book. I have never heard of Turtle Trading before a couple weeks ago. So, I am intrigued. This could be the system I am looking for.



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