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“I too often let my losers run and cut my winners short to show a profit…”

Feedback in:

Funny, I wrote a course called ‘What is Enough?’ back in 2010. It was based on some of the work by Joe Dominguez in ‘Your Money or Your Life’ It’s been used to this day but I hadn’t updated it and folks were asking me to bring it all current.

I originally included your movie ‘Broke – The New American Dream‘ in that course as a recommended part of the homework in the first class. It’s very hard to find now. I have a copy I bought on Amazon in February or 2010, but there aren’t any easy ways to stream it today that I can find. Anyway that’s part of the updating process.

While working on the course I found you searching for a streaming copy of the movie. It seems really relevant now. Always fascinated by the synchronicity. I’d read The Complete TurtleTrader years ago, but didn’t remember you as the author. I saw your newsletter tonight while doing some research and decided to sign up–that’s the question you didn’t ask.

Now to answer your question: What is your biggest challenge you have faced with your Trading? Fear of losing. I too often let my losers run and cut my winners short to show a profit. I’ve been trading since 2008 and that’s been the most difficult habit I’ve struggled with.



You sound self-aware! My film is on VIMEO. Linked off my website.

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