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“My biggest challenge is accepting that price is the score, both in terms of entry and exits…”

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My biggest challenge is accepting that price is the score, both in terms of entry and exits. Being an accountant I stereotypically began my investment journey as a value guy (Joel Greenblatt’s Magic formula), did ok, some wins some loses, but what held me back was missing a lot of entries on winners I had identified but not executed on (anchoring bias stopped me paying for something up say ~1-5% even though they would go on to become big wins) combined with on the other side holding too many only ok stocks (not losers but not winners either, but opportunity cost hit me). I don’t see myself as a TA guy (for lots of different reasons) but having recently discovered momentum/trending in the past year, my retrospective analysis showed me that my performance would have been better if I had combined price momentum with my investment approach. I am keen to learn more but it’s already helped me with the recent turbulence, getting out in February and not rushing to catch a falling knife. Still more challenges ahead and looking forward to improving… P.S. thanks for your books and podcasts

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