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“I’ve purchased 5 of your books and have listened to all your podcasts…”

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Mr. Covel:

I am a “big” fan. I’m a retired “Federal” employee ( I know you’re not a fan of federal workers). I started at the very bottom in 1979 as a GS-2 18-year-old wildland firefighter in the Western US while attending college and retired three years ago as the National Chief of Wildland Fire Operations for my federal agency. Please note, part of the reason I could retire is because of you. In life, relationships, etc; I’m not a big believer in “expectations”, in fact, I’ve found if you have expectations that someone is going to do something for you, in most cases, you end up disappointed! I’ve purchased 5 of your books and have listened to all your podcasts, I have “received” and “learned” a great deal from you without any expectations. I’ve been investing for 25 years (mostly stocks), over that time, I’ve read 50+ books, done online courses, webinars, etc… More so than anyone, your insight into trend following has helped “connect the dots” for me. Developing a system, backtesting, diversification, position-sizing, etc. That said, I’m still learning. What’s more, from your insight, I’ve found “trend following” concepts also apply to life/relationships. Don’t change. Keep up the good work!

John G.


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