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“You’ve got a good podcast and I look forward to the new ones…”

Feedback on a recent podcast episode:


I came across your podcast by chance about 2 weeks ago and have listened to about 30 of them since (at 1.5x the speed). Your interviewing style is very good. You let the guest speak without constantly interrupting them. Your questions are well thought out and researched yet still “conversationalist”. Very much enjoy the variety of guests especially the one with Jack Canfield. The last one with Howard Friedman was….interesting. If he thinks that your question/comment was racist, would he have said the same if the data suggested that instead of black men, killers were women? Or gays? Or transgender? Or disabled? Or White? Or ? (and I am a minority…non-white). Data rarely lies. As a professional, he should have continued the discussion. Even before the surprise ending, I found Howard distant and not so engaging as other guests. You’ve got a good podcast and I look forward to the new ones….in the meantime, I am making my way through your large library.

Continued good luck from Canada,

S. Sethi


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