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“Been listening to you for years Michael…”

Feedback in:

That was awesome. Thank you.

The Friedman episode? Why?

I didn’t know Friedman heading in. Whereas most of your guests are agreeable, this one was disagreeable. Disagreeable is more entertaining. I find myself leaning in and listening more closely when there is disagreement. The buildup was most fascinating. One of those “you have to listen to twice” to fully appreciate your prep, plan, and execution. Like a great movie with a twist at the end you didn’t see coming. The first time I listened, I didn’t notice much contention up until the stop and frisk question. Then I screamed out loud when he defended De Blasio. I imagine that was one of your toughest “bite your tongue” moments. I certainly didn’t bite mine listening in the car. You somehow remained poised. After relistening, I recognize you incrementally needling with each additional poignant question, as well as his dodging in answering with substance. In retrospect, the turning point was when he referred to you making a statement rather than asking a question. The “blacks killing blacks” part was clearly the ultimate trigger. I suspect he would have dodged it regardless if phrased differently. I wonder if he has ever been broached with the question and he was uncomfortable articulating his point of view, or if it completely caught him off guard. Was it one of his “no go” questions? Curious what other “no go’s” there were. Been listening to you for years Michael. Not only have you helped me become a great trader, we conveniently share the same value system. The times I disagree with you are not few and far between, they are never. Personal responsibility and data.


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