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“The biggest challenge for me was/is organizing the data…”

Feedback in:

I bought Trend Following years ago (2007? 2008?) but was never able to get rolling. The biggest challenge for me was/is organizing the data. I downloaded a bunch of historical data for (mostly) stocks into a spreadsheet. Then I tried to keep them updated – but there were too many and I couldn’t stay current for any length of time. That process needed to be more automated and I couldn’t get there. I’d look at/graph the historical price movements and try to see trends but never felt comfortable enough with it to actually make a trade. Now I’m retired and stuck in the house (Covid-19) so I think I might actually have the hours required to get up to speed. As I recall I felt I needed a few weeks of dedicated time, minimum, to get on top of a list. So thought I would try to re-familiarize myself with what I need to do. I’m ready to go – but unsure what direction to head….


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