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“When these guys are at the top of their game the interviews really flow well…”

Feedback in:

I hope all going well for you there. You sound like you are doing it very easily on the podcast.

I am on the computer and just finished the podcast as I do every weekend.

Jack Canfield

Man, this was very good. I really liked him. I have a couple favorites, for example, Larry Hite, Ed Seykota. This guy was up there with the best.

One of the best things I like about this podcast is the fact you get a person I have no idea who they are and not always a trader either, and I relate 100% to what they are saying when they share their outlooks on life with you. I have listened to enough of these with you too know that when these guys are at the top of their game the interviews really flow well. There was no dead space or uncomfortable anything with this guy. Like Eddie murphy on stage (when he was a comedian), knew exactly what he was doing, and never forget where he was going with the story. You had to really do very little to make this one flow. And the hour flew. I will have another listen to this over the weekend for sure.

As I’m a full-time worker still, (so a bit more likely than a lot at present) and only made to take some time off this week and next due to the fact I never take them, I have been slowly doing all the housekeeping as Jack said. I still need to really use the time better though and really make life happen. So I really liked how he believes and focuses and I see he really applies himself. I need to make a list for the week and stick to it to get it all done. Too many things get put off I guess. Anyway well done to you both. Stay safe over there, really different times for me. In Aus and just not going too far as we all are for the moment.

Thank you.


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