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“I thought I’d give you a report card. Below are actual trades…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I purchased your course on a Friday for around $3k sometime in 2018. The following Monday it was on sale at 50% off. I could have cared less if it did what you said it would do. Well, after two years of reading your books, studying, and playing the market with real $$$$.$$ (and hundreds of mistakes) I thought I’d give you a report card. Below are actual trades copied to my Excel files. I returned 80% as of 3/29/20 for the 1st. quarter of 2020 while the DJIA is down ~ 24%.


I can’t guarantee I can duplicate anywhere near above returns on an annualized basis, but confident I’ll do well. I’ve tweaked your/my system many times and have extreme confidence. Attached are my adjusted EMA’s for this volatile market we’re in. I had to adjust to a shorter time frame for faster entry exits. Also attached is my “Trading Bible”. My “Bible” is a result of trade mistakes and some are quotes from your books. Like anything worth pursuing, you have to give 100%. I’ve done that with your tutoring, and finally making extraordinary returns. This is too fun and love it when I don’t have to trade.

Stay healthy. I feel like we’re in The Twilight Zone.

Thank you as always.

Your student,

Greg A.

Thanks. Awesome.

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