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“I’m a fairly new trader and I feel there’s information overload…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael

I’m a fairly new trader and I feel there’s information overload when it comes to trading and it’s hard to know where to start and begin. I’m nearly 60 but I have a desire to learn to trade profitably.

Every book I read on trading or TA gives you chart reading skills and some money management strategies and they tell you to design your own ‘trading plan’ which is great but what I really need is a ‘trading plan’ that is already developed as there are too many factors that I wouldn’t know how to put together myself with limited experience.

I have purchased your book on the ‘Turtle trend following system’, I’m still waiting for delivery but I’m hopeful that this will have a trading plan written out that I could follow?

After I read it I intend to buy your ‘Trend Following’ book to further my education.
I’m far from lazy or wanting to be spoon-fed but I just can’t seem to be able to write a trading plan that I would feel comfortable following.

Perhaps later I might consider doing your ‘turtle’ course but unfortunately, it’s beyond my financial capabilities at the moment and being from Australia our dollar is rubbish and it would cost me nearly double what it costs in the US.

The other thing that I feel is difficult for me is finding out how to sell short and how to trade the different markets such as commodities, futures, different indexes, etc on leverage as I haven’t done that before. I will soon trade my own Super Fund (401k) I think it’s called in the states and I’m told that I must use Saxo brokerage for international shares and probably futures and commodities, is there any advice or tips about how I can learn to trade instruments other than equities, please?

Many thanks for your help

Kind Regards

Yes. My website, books, and podcast are filled with info.

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