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“The markets can be irrational longer than one can remain solvent…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I have found certain strengths and weaknesses at one level as I keep trading. When I say one level, I mean there are different layers of truth as we deep dive into anything. I am sure over the years there’s bound to be some more revelations.

Let’s say I take a position in futures or options, based on my assessment of market weaknesses (or strengths) and which phase of the main trend or corrective trend the market has been in. The biggest challenge so far has been the ‘when’ factor. I expect a reversal and take a position, but the reversal doesn’t happen at our whims and fancies but says it happens later. They say the markets can be irrational longer than one can remain solvent. In hindsight, you could say that I took the position based on expectations before the market ‘confirmed’ it. More often than not have been good at predicting the phase and direction but the when the factor has been tough to master.

I hope I made myself clear.



You need a system. Too much guessing in your write-up.

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