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“Given today’s market, it will be fascinating to get caught up on your podcasts.”

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Good evening,

My short answer is that I do not use a specific, objective trading system and so I consistently have inconsistent results… an understatement.

I have always had an interest in the markets, but coming from a St. Louis blue-collar family, I felt that the markets were only for the rich. However, since college in the early ’90s, I have played some in the markets over the years, at times spending hours and hours of reading and researching due to my never-ending interest. My current career is in the medical arena and I am beginning to plan my desired 2nd career. I found your podcasts this weekend (I’m on #5) because I again read one of the first trading books I ever purchased, Market Wizards. The story of Richard Dennis and the Turtles led me to you. Given today’s market, it will be fascinating to get caught up on your podcasts. I also purchased The Complete TurtleTrader today.


You are off to a good start!

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