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“You have to go through the learning curve yourself…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

You asked me what my biggest challenge in trading is. It is for me to find the right time horizon. I currently traded a mean reversion strategy on a day end basis, but after several months I noticed that it is to the short term for me. I want to trade more on a weekly basis. I learned this only by trading the system. With backtesting, it did not help me. I think finding the right system that fits me is really the holy grail as Tom Basso and Van Tharp always say, and it is true. But you have to go through the learning curve yourself.

More maybe later, I am currently reading your books and I think trend following on a midterm basis is more suitable for me than daily trading. I like to study daily, but not trading.

Thanks for your feedback.

Have a great day,

Good perspective.

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