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“Thanks for all you do in the trading community…”

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Hey Michael. Thanks for all you do in the trading community. I’m relatively new to trading, I’ve only been studying trading since 2018. Before that I didn’t know the difference in bullish vs bearish or green candles vs red. But I have tried to learn as much as possible over the last two years. I haven’t made much but I haven’t lost a lot either so I guess that’s alright. I first came across the notion of trend following listening to a [name] podcast episode with [name]. He talked about following the trend and position sizing and risk management and letting your winners run while cutting your losses and finding your edge in the market. That really resonated with me and I’ve been trying to learn what I can in that direction. Not long after that I came across your podcast and work. I think my biggest challenge has been to find an edge and find the right platform to trade with that edge. I’ve been working through [name] strategy using AmiBroker. I’ve been a software developer for 20+ years so when I came across the idea of coding in an edge and letting the computer generate the signals (as opposed to emotions or some random “stock picking guru” on YouTube) was very appealing to me. I’ve only been at it for a couple months now. I’m always trying to continue learning and wanted to see what all you had available. I haven’t read your books yet but I think that’s next for me. I’ve enjoyed your book segments you’ve had on your podcast.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on and for all the great trend following education!
Kit M.

Sounds like you are on a smart path. More to read.

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