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“I always listened to this and that here and there…”

Feedback in:

Hello Mr. Covel,

My biggest challenge is consistency, I always listened to this and that here and there. I tried somewhat technical trading but always switch to different indicators without big success, then tried the long term buy and hold à la Motley Fool with rather big loss. Well big loss in percentage only, because I am still with my few thousands dollars account to get the twist before investing more money.

From the beginning of the year it seems to unlock somehow. I just finish reading your book The Little Book of Trading. So far with a combination of MACD/Volume/MFI/EMA(55) I identified two trends signals (I am only long) one with perfect timing, another a bit late. I made a Google Sheets calculator for the risk management based on ATR but didn’t had any stop loss so far, got burnt rather much by putting stops and got swept just to see the trend getting back, so I’m just watching from time to time, no hurry as I am already more than +10% up on these two trends. It’s a study case on stock with low account for now.

The best lesson I got from your book is living the “Now”, I identified myself very much with this line of thought and want to deepen my knowledge on trend following. I’d like to look at your mini course and see what I can learn from there, no other plan for now or even to go further on your offered material, that’s the actual trend of my experience.

Benoit L. St-Placide, QC, Canada

Keep exploring.

I want to see you with a complete trading system.

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