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“I have to say by biggest challenge currently is picking the best futures contracts…”


Hello Michael, my name is Arian and I am a long time reader of your fantastic books on trend following trading. I have to say by biggest challenge currently is picking the best futures contracts to trade in terms of length to avoid having to continuously roll them over. I am currently trading 12-20 contracts to avoid getting out of position when the contract expires and having to re-enter the trend. I currently trade e-mini contracts and I am finding out that some commodities (mainly agriculturals and natural gas) just don’t get triggered on a buy or sell order placed in a 12-20 contract. I guess for some commodities it doesn’t make much sense to have such long term contracts. I have been trading for a few months but I have methodically followed a long term trend trading system that has a clear answer to all the important questions you mention in your trend following book. What do you think is the best solution in terms of contract expiration time for a long term trend following trader? Please keep writing those fantastic books they are lit candles in the dark caves of the trading world.

That’s not the issue IMO. Rollovers are normal. I help clients with rollovers, but I am concerned when I hear you say your goal is to pick markets in a way to avoid them. See FAQs and Markets.

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