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“I am wondering if you could recommend any resources on how to identify trends…”

Feedback in:

Hello, I finished reading your book last evening. I am certainly convinced that Trend Following is how I should be trading. In some ways I was a believer before I read your book, however your book cemented it in my mind. I think my favorite trend trader is definitely Ed Seykota. I enjoyed reading anything you put in the book from him.

As I assess my own knowledge and skills I am wondering if you could recommend any resources on how to identify trends that would be coming from a true trend following perspective? What are the best tools, indicators, etc. available? Secondly, I am not a coder and I see value in learning to build an algorithmic system that would operate purely on rules. I use TradeStation as my broker and I know they call their code “easy language”, but it still looks difficult to me. Do you know of any trustworthy resources that are available to learn how to code and setup a system that can run based on rules?

Thanks for the work you have done for trend trading. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Thanks! More to read on FAQs and software.

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