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“Now that I have some experience (and loss) in the market, I’m rethinking my approach…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

My name is Alfonso and I’m an Italian aspirant trader/student of the markets. I won’t make this too long, but just a little presentation.

My interest in trading begun 2 years ago, and since then it took my complete dedication, I even left my law university studies. Your Trend Following and TurtleTrader books were one of my first reading, and they stayed with me since then. Then I quickly went on money management, but spent most of my time trying technical stuff for entry, focusing everything in that.

Now that I have some experience (and loss) in the market, I’m rethinking my approach, trying to apply something that has proved to be profitable.

My studies were always in books, and I never really confronted a real trader, so I hope with this massage to get a sort of review of my strategy, to see if it can be classified as trend-following and make sense on the authors I studied

– Fundamental setup analysis with the Commitment of Trader report (L. Williams, S. Briese);
– Technical setup analysis with Market profile and auction theory (J. Dalton, P. Steidlmayer, (I also created some original indicators);
– Technical entry and trend following approach: Bill Williams techniques.
(in the future I’ll think in adding a cycling study (W. Wilder Delta) and a stock approach (L. Williams))

In essence with the first two analysis I’ll find the setup for the trend, that will be taken surely with the technical entry (essentially break-out entry), adding aggressively, trailing the stops; if wright we do money, if don’t we try the next time (1% total risk in every position, closer the stop bigger the position (the stop is one of the main thing in my studies, but not very literature on that)).

I’m sorry if the message wasn’t that short, it’ll be a dream if I’ll get a response.

Best luck and regards, Alfonso.

Yes a response!

But your strategy is trouble.

It just won’t work.

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