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“I thank you for that advice…”

Feedback in:

Dear Sir,

Time has gone by and I don’t recall when I sent you a letter asking you about which time frame I should use in my forex and oil trading. You told me bluntly to use the daily chart. It took a bit for me to accept that advice but after a dozen years of mediocrity and hundreds of thousands of hours of market analysis, I took your advice.

What I have done is trade with the weekly chart on my left and my daily chart on my right which serves as my trigger. Plus I will trade a lower time frame retrace of the daily chart. Positive results were immediate and rarely does a loss occur. I am a turn around trader, but no more small time frame turning disasters.

The only comparable ignorance I can equate with my past performance would be the Democrat’s past three-year attempt to roust Donald out of the White House by lying and manufacturing untruths.

I thank you for that advice and I have enjoyed reading and listening to the fine articles from others. However, I decline to enroll in your course because at the age of 81, I must guard myself against any temptation that may arise from other advice to moderate my daily trading approach. Time may not be my best friend anymore and the income that is now coming in with abundance is much needed by family members and I dare not change or challenge any of my trading habits. Please understand.

Sir, you are a great American and I thank you for your help.


Dennis H.

You are welcome. My books are a good place to start.

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