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“Seasons greetings and thanks for a thought-provoking response…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Seasons greetings and thanks for a thought-provoking response.

Indeed, unique is a vague and unhelpful descriptor of your many talents, so why the non-specific adjective?


At the time, I was unfamiliar with you beyond your books and presentation. I hadn’t googled you but you definitely have a distinct voice among authors/speakers/educators.

Also a confounding factor–the end the workday excuse–dictating on autopilot, with emails not edited for much effect…

I simply wished to convey that you present as a passionate and thoughtful individual who, with humor and humility, entertains and instills confidence in your audience.

Reading Big Blue, Complete TurtleTrader and currently listening to Ep. 816, a Trading Primer. All have been very helpful.

I was happy to realize I’ve been following some of the basic strategies of trend following.

Currently, my passion is to implement a time-efficient and systematic trend following approach.

Enjoying the process and appreciate your role in it.

I wish you the best,

Ben L.


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